Experience the Power to Understand the Potential

OASYS takes Channel in a Box to a new level. We call it Integrated Playout because it's a different way to look at playout. In the OASYS model we include all the functionality you need to run virtually any broadcast facility from a single channel operation to a multi-channel service provider or station group.

OASYS offers superior functionality for today's broadcaster because we didn't design OASYS based on an old hardware model but broadened our approach to create a totally different software architecture that utilizes a much more efficient model for efficiency and CPU utilization.

OASYS will frame your broadcast operation differently, that makes more sense in today's broadcast environment. With OASYS you don't begin by thinking about hardware. Instead, it's about improving processes and workflow. That makes more sense in an all-digital environment where software, not purpose-built hardware sets the direction for reliabiltiy and cost-effectiveness.

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